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If you are looking for a compassionate, supportive space where you can show up as your imperfect self (we recommend it!), get support to look after yourself without feeling guilty, and give yourself permission to find your own way of parenting that feels right to you and your family to build a healthy and strong foundation for a happy life, the Imperfect Parenting Community is your place! 

The Imperfect Parenting community is a safe and supportive space of like-minded parents, designed to meet you where you are right now with tools, resources, exercised, video and more to support you on your parenting journey….. create the family life you want with your kids, showing up as the parent you wan to be, with more ease, joy and fully in line with your own values.

Enrollment is currently closed. Please click here to join the waiting list.

In the meantime, join our FREE Imperfect Parenting FACEBOOK page here.


If you are looking to explore your struggles on a deeper level with the intention to make some long-lasting changes that will make all the difference to both your and your children’s happiness and resilience,

or if you are in desperate need of some compassionate, hands-on help to support you in a current family matter

then private coaching might be the support you are looking for. I will help you to:

  • clarify what you really want for yourself and your family
  • become aware of your main personal challenges and inner blocks,
  • find tools and strategies that specifically work for YOU, and your family, for you to take action to do things differently and get closer to what you really want, one step at a time.

I offer the option for you to experience how coaching and my approach can make a difference for you by booking a Connect & Clarify 30 min coaching session. This is a safe and price-friendly option for you to talk about your current struggle(-s) with a neutral person and explore what it is you really want and what your main obstacles are getting there so you can start changing something right now.




Please feel free to contact me with your question here. I will always come back to you with an answer :-).

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