Work with Me


If you are looking for some specific hands-on support with what’s going on for you right now that will make a big difference to your and your child’s well-being, then private coaching might be the support you are looking for. I will help you to:

  • become aware of your main current stressors and underlying personal challenges
  • clarify what you really want for yourself, and for your family
  • find tools and strategies that specifically work for YOU, and your family, for you to take action to do things differently and get closer to what you really want, one compassionate step at a time.

Coaching Packages

A New Start 3 x 1 hr

Conscious Change 5 x 1hr

Building a new Foundation 10 x 1 hr

I know it’s very important you feel comfortable and confident with the person you choose to help you with your current struggles. If you would like to try a session out before you commit to working together, please feel welcome to experience how my coaching and my approach can make a difference for you by booking a 1 hour Reconnect with Yourself coaching session. Commitment and risk free.


The Imperfect Parenting community is a supportive and safe space where you can connect with like-minded parents, designed to help you build a nurturing and uplifting relationship with your child and yourself through tools, resources, exercises and more. Parents find each other here to share experiences, ask questions, learn and feel supported. It’s a place where all parents and caretakers can be seen, heard and above all, witnessed, while doing the best they can navigating their parenting journey.

I’m taking steps to open the community up in the nearby future, bear with me. However, enrollment is currently closed. Please send me an email or direct message if you’re interested including what support you are looking for through the community.

In the meantime, please feel welcome to join our FREE Imperfect Parenting FACEBOOK page here.


Please feel free to contact me with your question here. I will always come back to you with an answer, mostly within two working days.

Beth’s experience, mother of 3:

“Elma has helped me realize I’m not superwoman. I’m not perfect. And that’s OK. I’ve learned I need to calm down and how I can do that in such a way that works best for me. In short, for me, I’ve learned to stick with my priorities, let go of expectations and forget the chores sometimes. To consider my children’s feelings and perspectives in my communication with them, to enjoy them and be happy. I am much more present now and find my children cooperative much more often. We are definitely having more fun.”

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