Can parenting be done effectively and lovingly, without losing your wits, or yourself?

Remember how much you wanted to have a baby? Children? (maybe a long time ago?) It was going to be amazing and you were going to be so happy together! However, after the baby arrived, she started to show thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and so much more you, to be really honest, never thought about having to deal with!

You’ve read self-help and parenting books, received advice (unsolicited at times), trying hard to be a good parent and do this parenting the ‘right’ way, because you love your child(-ren) dearly, and you want them to be happy, self-confident and resilient in life. Now, and also later. But it’s hard, and you’re feeling tired, busy, and under pressure. You’re tired of the arguing, the ongoing challenges, on how you yourself are being with them, saying or doing things to your children that don’t make you feel good at all, but ‘’what else can I do?’’

I hear you. It IS hard to look after your child (-ren), while looking after so many other things: your partner, family, friends, career, house, yourself(!)… the list can feel endless, and life overwhelming!

I believe parenthood is one of the most important, meaningful, yet most unprepared, undervalued and underrated roles we will fulfill in our lifetime. What nobody told us beforehand though, is that it amplifies our own emotional struggles and how we deal with them, which now impacts also the people we love most in this world; our children. Parenting can become even a bigger struggle when your own family background brought you unhelpful beliefs, thoughts or behaviours adding to the current stress and frustration.

What if I told you there really is a way to parent effectively and lovingly, that both you and your child will enjoy, and makes you feel good about yourself? A way that you will find through self-love, (re-)connection with yourself and your child, kindness, empathy and standing in your own power so both your child and you grow into confident, resilient and joyful people?

How do you get started?

You can start by downloading the free 6 Steps to avoid a Battle with your child or, in other words, honour your boundary and build their self-confidence.

And, if you’re wondering if my approach can really help you with your personal situation, then I invite you to click here and find out more who really benefits from my approach.

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